On Focus

To focus is to simplify. It is where multiple roads meet and travel the same path. It is framing a smaller part of a whole and engaging with it. Distractions are the things outside of that frame and off that converged path. Focus is necessary for clarity. Focus is necessary for simplicity.

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On Color

Colors are visual symbols. The color green is associated with nature because of its abundance in it. For the same reason it symbolizes growth. Blue is a color of large scale and prominence, signaled by the sky and large bodies of water. Red is a color of emotion and heat. It is a color that is felt, and attracts attention. Yellow is also a color of attraction symbolizing vision/visibility, brightness, and light itself. Orange, the child of red and yellow, attracts attention as well through warmth and illumination. Rarely seen in nature, violet is naturally luxurious and exclusive. It’s blending of blue and red make it a blend of extravagance and emotion.

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On Style

A style embodies character, values, goals, strategy, philosophy, aspirations, inspirations, and interests. It is a collection and regurgitation of attributes. We are attracted to styles that symbolize our own character, values, goals, strategy, philosophy, and aspirations. We strive to find a style like we strive to find ourselves. And like ourselves, our style and the styles we are attracted to will change, transform, and morph over time. 

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