Words I Live By

  1. Where there is freedom and ability, boredom is a side-effect of laziness.
  2. To be noble is to possess great moral principles, ideals and aspirations.
  3. Defining goals is defining success and as you are the only person that can define what you desire, you are the only person who can define your success.
  4. Those who draw will be better at seeing, and those who write will better understand.
  5. By removing the unnecessary, you emphasize, highlight, and clarify what's left.
  6. Because our desire to learn influences how much we learn, it is important to sustain our curiosity in all aspects of life.
  7. To avoid miscommunication you must avoid assuming that your audience perceives things as you do, and define your terms as you understand them.
  8. Without understanding how persuasion works, communicating our ideas and convincing others of their worth becomes a complicated task.
  9. To create is to bring something into existence that hadn't existed before and therefore all living things are creators.
  10. The source of creation is comprised of three levels: God, construction, and symbolization.
  11. The habitual nature of norms make them seem rational even if they are not.
  12. The three motives for design are (1) the idea, (2) the form, and (3) the balancing of both idea and form.
  13. In the midst of adversity, a person can live like a match; taking potential energy and using friction as an opportunity to ignite and share.
  14. As we perceive things in the context of their relationship and likeness to other things, identity becomes important to our understanding of them.
  15. Humor is attractive because it is human.
  16. A perspective that is new to it's audience enables growth and with growth, change.
  17. Ideas that spread, scale, and endure are based on universal principles.
  18. Make reaching your goals easier by surrounding yourself with people who are where you want to be or have the mindset and are working to get there.
  19. Learning can be done through study, but it is the act of doing that solidifies understanding.
  20. Love is acknowledging someone else; acknowledging their life, their emotions, opinions, thoughts, wants, needs and goals-and caring enough to be interested and invested in what is them.
  21. We become what we create.
  22. Time is a tool not to be wasted, taken for granted, or held onto.
  23. Stereotypes are brands that have become barriers to truth.
  24. The power of an idea is measured by it's ability to be communicated
  25. Vision is seeing what is, what could be, and what will be.
  26. Confidence comes from truth.
  27. Doing great work is not solely a matter of craft, it is also the overcoming of fear.
  28. As goals expand, time appears to shrink.
  29. An audience will remember something but not everything.
  30. Until you can successfully communicate the solution, you haven't solved the problem.

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