Pendopharm is a division of Pharmascience Inc., a Canadian privately-owned company. Established in 1983, Pharmascience Inc. is the largest pharmaceutical company in Quebec, with a highly skilled workforce of 1,300 people. It commercializes nearly 300 products, including generic and branded prescription, OTC and BTC products. Pharmascience Inc. also has a significant international presence, with 25% of its $700 million annual sales coming from 60 countries.* The dynamic symbol shows a transference of energy that leads the eye to a strong but approachable typeface. The yin and yang-like icon epitomizes ideal partnership as the typface gives an established aesthetic to the logo. Learn more about Pendopharm at

*Text references

This work was completed as a designer for Addison Whitney

Pendopharm Logo

Primary Logo

Pendopharm Icon


Pendopharm Logo With Tagline

Logo With Tagline