Life is an opportunity to design greatness.

For individuals who seek to market their craft or communicate an idea, I am a brand consultant and designer who passionately engages in a process that leverages multiple industry expertise to help develop preferred and noble brands. 

Communicate your idea.

To communicate is to impart, inform, share and transmit. Communicating an idea requires that it is first defined. By defining the idea, its limits are determined and to what it applies is made clear.

Market your craft.

Art is a skill resulting from study and practice. Craft is an exercised art. Promoting and selling your craft is marketing it.

Live by your own philosophy.

Philosophies are approaches to the apprehension of knowledge and wisdom. They are the guiding principles for behavior and a system of thought. 

Thoughts on Branding, Design & Life


Brands are symbols, and branding is the art of symbolizing. Symbols come in many forms. How these forms are perceived is dependent on our senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and/or touch. Branding, the art of symbolizing, uses these forms to represent and convey knowledge, beliefs, actions, objects, people and places.


Understanding an individual is understanding what they find important and useful. Value is subjective. Worth is always in the mind of the beholder.


Design is the art of balancing idea and form. Giving an idea form is the purpose of design. Balancing form and idea ensures that the idea does not become hidden in the form as well as the opposite. 

Perception & Experience

Our senses dictate how we perceive and experience life. Language depends on the concepts that our senses are essential in creating and therefore are essential for communication. It is important to note that, according to research, sight affects more areas of the brain than the other four senses.


Let's discuss your project & goals*: 


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Offerings include:

Brand Evaluation, Brand Strategy, Logo Design and Identity Development.

Brand experience includes: 

Abbott, Aeropostale, AT&T, Broad Green Pictures, Broan, Carnival Cruise, Charlotte Viewpoint, Comfort Revolution, Fluidmaster, Microsoft, Mood Media (Formerly Muzak), Pendopharm, Precidian Investments, Story Prose and more. 

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